Welcome to Bootstrap Email

Bootstrap Email is a tool for building HTML emails using modern concepts without having to understand the quirks of every email client.


Bootstrap Email takes inspiration from the many CSS frameworks that have come before it and tries to mesh simplicity, customization, and tools specific to email. Bootstrap Email takes most of it’s inspiration from these two wonderful frameworks, Bootstrap and Tailwind. If you use either for building on the web, you will feel right at home using Bootstrap Email.

So how does it work?

Bootstrap Email works by taking HTML marked up with Bootstrap-like classes and compiles it down into <table> tags and inlines styles that are required to get HTML emails looking nice across all email clients. There are lots of tricks it uses to allow flexible markup and leaves the hard part to the library.

Why this library?

Bootstrap Email uses an approach to email that feels like writing normal HTML. Some libraries use some sort of custom XML type templating, but the issue with that is you can’t apply lot’s of classes to a single element. Other libraries require you to know how to structure HTML tables and learn the ins and out of email clients. This is an example of what you can do in Bootstrap email and why it is so powerful.

<a class="btn btn-primary w-100 w-lg-50 align-center" href="">Tada</a>


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